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Many hands make light work!

Sunday night was a great night in the garden.   We had a great turn out for the potluck and then moved out to the garden to harvest and plant.  The green beans are finally producing and looks like there will be more over the next weeks.  Barb picked some tomatoes that were as big as two fists.  ( Ok I have little hands, but they were huge)  The rabbits are attacking the cabbage so out came the rest of them!  Bruce was able to make fast work of the planting and put in spinach, lettuce and swiss chard.  The beets we planted last Wednesday are already popping through the ground!

John Kopal continues perfecting his rain barrel project.  We have adjusted the sprinklers and added some more posts. Hopefully we will have better coverage and be able to give the beans a much needed drink!

Come join us on Wednesday night at 7.  We will be planting  the last of our fall plantings and probably harvesting a few acorn squash in addition to tomatoes.

And last but not least  a big thanks to Tim Goldman who took time out from Faith and Grace Garden(sorry Mark!) to come work with us.
Look for us on Facebook @ Urban Harvest.  There are several but we are the only one in Urbandale!
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