Nov 152023

News from the GardenThe 2023 gardening season is now over. Whew!! What a year it was with a record 33,180 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables harvested to feed the local hungry. See end of this newsletter for details about what we grew and where it went.
Volunteers in front of the last of the garden debris collected into piles last Friday

New Fence – A major project this year was to install a 550 foot long fence around the new area of the garden. The fence is 7 ½ feet high to keep out deer. The bottom 2 ½ feet of the fence has ½ inch square wire openings to keep out rabbits and rodents. The fence is made of ‘critter-proof’ heavy gauge material and supported by sturdy steel poles.

The picture shows the tensioning wire being installed on the fence. This wire can be adjusted to keep the fence taunt and useful for years to come.

Special thanks to the BWA Foundation and the WDM Community Foundation for their financial support of this project.

Official garden dog, Sadie, is Mark Marshall’s constant companion. No rabbit or field mouse can rest while Sadie is on duty.

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