Sep 042018

It’s Harvest Time…..we are now picking about 1,000 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables a week!

Volunteers From Vegelife Help in the Garden Every Monday Evening.

For more information about VegLife contact:
or go to:

Garden volunteer hours are every M-W-F,  6:30pm until dark (weather permitting).

So How Is All the Recent Rain Affecting the Garden?

Well, since Friday, 5½ inches of rain has fallen in the garden with more rain in the forecast.

This is good for the peas, radishes and lettuce that we planted recently. Those plants should germinate and thrive especially as the weather turns cooler.

This weather is challenging for the tomatoes and melons which tend to split open when they swell from taking in too much water. So we really need volunteer help with the harvest when the sky is clear. Please come out and lend a hand!

Produce donated through August 31st, 2018

What we grew Pounds
Apples 26
Bush Beans 314
Blue berries 90
Broccolli 29
Cantaloupe 211
Corn 60
Cucumbers 476
Grapes 16
Lettuce 70
Onions 18
Peas 60
Radishes 128
Potatoes 689
Tomatoes 2,214
Water melon 43
Zucchini 749
Total Harvested 5,193
Where donated:
Trinity Church, 8th & College, DSM 2,895
WDM Human Services 2,298
Total Donated 5,193

Tim Goldman 515-745-9842
Mark Marshall 515-988-5381 –

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