Apr 122023

All of the food grown in the Faith & Grace Garden is donated to feed local hungry people. Last fall we doubled the size of the garden from one acre to two acres.

In 2023, our hope is to double the amount of organic fruits and vegetables we donate each year. Last year we donated 17,000 pounds. In 2023 we aim to donate over 30,000 pounds of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to local food pantries.

Its Planting Time in the Garden

Planting time is upon us! Yesterday Mark Marshall planted 300 pounds of potatoes using our new potato planter.  Today we will start planting onions….we need your help!

Here is how you can help in the garden:

Regular volunteer hours for individuals and small groups during 2023 are Monday through Friday, 9:30am – 11:30am.No experience necessary. Bring a hat, water bottle and garden gloves if you have them. Wear clothes that can get dirty and hard-soled shoes. Sunscreen is a good idea as is bug repellant later in the season.

To volunteer during our regular volunteer hours please sign-up here.

Large groups volunteer by appointment. School, church, civic, and corporate groups are always welcome in the garden by appointment. Contact Tim Goldman at timothyjgoldman@gmail.com to volunteer as fits your schedule.

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