Jun 012014

Lots is happening in the Faith & Grace Garden: About 300 tomato plants, 150 peppers plants 500 sweet potatoes plus lots of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus, beans, lettuce, potatoes, spinach and radishes are now in the ground growing vigorously.

We also planted 44 more blueberry bushes on the west side of the garden.

Probably the best thing that has happened to the garden is all the leaf mulch we have spread. The last of the leaves that we collected last fall (thank you again!) will be all spread over the garden in the next week or two. The mulch holds in moisture and provides weed control which will be so important now as the weather warms up.


Students loading mulch into wheelbarrows to be spread in the garden

We are saying good-bye this week to lots of Dowling Catholic High School students as school ends. Their enthusiasm and energy will be missed for a couple of weeks until summer schools starts.

Last week Lauren Blanchard of Fox News was in the garden and here’s that story:

Garden Production through May 30:

Lettuce                                           90 pounds
Radishes                               80 pounds

Garden Donations through may 30t:

Trinity Methodist Church              80 pounds
WDM Human Services                80 pounds
Eddie Davis Comm. Center       10 pounds

Link of Interest:

If you have not seen the Iowa Hunger Directory, you should check it out.

The Iowa Hunger Directory is an initiative to profile all organizations fighting hunger from Iowa, serving as a comprehensive platform for those seeking to engage and collaborate in this area. The Directory includes a description of each organization along with contact information and a brief explanation of how Iowans can engage with them.

The Iowa Hunger Directory is made available through the World Food Prize Foundation:

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