Aug 222013

Apples!…..Pears!…..and Plums!…..Oh, My!!

s Pears and Plum

The Faith & Grace Garden is very fortune to have fruit and nut trees growing at the front of the garden this year.  Although the trees were only planted last fall, they provide some much needed shade to the flower beds during this dry weather.  The trees are all semi-dwarf, meaning the 12 trees: 4 apples, 4 pears, and 4 plums, should only be 9 to 12 feet tall when mature. In addition, there are two hazel nut bushes growing on the east side of the garden.

The trees were all provided at no charge through a program of Trees Forever. Trees Forever is a non-profit organization that connects people to the environment through the planting and care of trees, prairie, and other natural areas. For more information about the program and the trees in the Faith & Grace Garden, see the video link here:

Here’s list of garden production and donations through August 12:

Units in Lbs
Peas 75 Bush Beans 125 Cabbage 23 Cucumbers 58 Lettuce 235 Strawberries 52 Okra 24 Onions 574 Tomatoes 356 Purslane 7 Peppers 5 Water melon 68 Zucchini 70 Potatoes 1,000 Radishes 300 Turnips 20
Total Harvested 2,992

Catholic Workers 150
Lutheran Social Services 200
Trinity Methodist 1,616
WDM Human Services 912
Total Donated 2,992

Volunteer hours in the Faith & Grace Garden are M – F, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. If you have any questions about the garden, please contact Tim Goldman or by calling 745-9842, Mark Marshall or by calling 988-5381 or John Eft or by calling 491-0422.


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