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Volunteer Appreciation Dinner – Friday, July 26

All of our volunteers, past and present, are invited at an appreciation dinner on next Friday. Social time – 5:30pm, Dinner – 6:00pm, in the Parish Hall at St. Tim’s.

There is nothing to bring. We will be in the air conditioned indoors. Come see old friends and let us say, thank you for all you help over the years! Please let us know if you can attend by contacting Tim Goldman by Wednesday, July 24, at 745-9842 or timothyjgoldman@gmail.com.

Too much heat, Volunteer Hours Change: For now, we are no longer having volunteer time on Saturday mornings. We may resume after the summer heat subsides.

Children in the GardenChildren in the Garden
“I have younger children. May we visit the garden?”   Frequent inquiry from parents

Children are very welcome in the Faith & Grace Garden. The best time for children to visit the garden is during our regular volunteer times. Volunteer hours are 6:30pm – 8:30pm, Monday through Friday.

There are playgrounds on the east and west sides of the garden so children can spend time both gardening and playing. There are picnics tables on the east side of the garden for snacks, too.

For preschoolers, there is also a new Children’s Garden in the northwest corner of the Faith & Grace Garden. The Children’s Garden is a fenced area with pole bean teepees, a sunflower room and several small garden plots. Easy access to the Children’s Garden is available by parking in lot at the Covenant Presbyterian Church. This fall there will be two benches added in the Children Garden.

Here are some things consider when bringing your child, grandchild or group to visit the garden.

Call ahead. Help us plan for your child’s visit to the garden. This is especially important if you would like to bring a group of children to the garden. Together, we can consider conditions in the garden and pending weather. On your first visit to the garden, we would also like to give you a brief garden tour that will include restroom and drinking water locations.

Safety First. We adhere to risk management guidelines in the garden. (Available for download soon) We will ask you read and sign our risk management guidelines on your first visit to the garden.

What to bring/ what to wear. Dress for the weather in clothes that can get dirty. We recommend sturdy shoes (not flip-flops). Apply sunblock, bug spray, and bring a water bottle. We try to have these items on-hand for you to re-apply. Bring a hat for additional sun protection.

Other things to bring might include a magnifying glass, children’s field guides to plants, birds or insects, and a small pad and pencil. While we supply gardening tools, you are welcome to bring your own.

Fresh, organic produce donated to area food pantries through July 15:

Bush Beans










White Potatoes




Total Harvested


See you in the Garden!

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