Oct 172020

St. Timothy’s Faith & Grace Garden 2020 – Celebrating 20 Years of Feeding the Hungry

On Sunday afternoon we will be picking the garden clean before the hard freeze. There are plenty of peppers to rescue, and broccoli, peas and lettuce to pick. We will be working on mulched ground so even if it rains earlier in the day it should be fine to harvest in the afternoon.

Please come out and help us finish the gardening season!

We ask that volunteers coming to the garden observe the CDC’s guidelines, Prevention of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
including frequent handwashing, and avoiding direct physical exchanges with other gardeners. Most importantly, if you are feeling ill, have family members or friends who are ill, have been to a location where COVID-19 is prevalent, or are at-risk or immunocompromised, please refrain from volunteering in the garden.

As always, volunteers should dress for the weather, wear hard soled shoes, and bring garden gloves if you have them. Gloves are also available at the garden if you do not have them.

If you cannot volunteer your time, consider a financial donation to continue this important work. Send your check to St. Timothy’s, 1020 24th Street, West Des Moines, IA, 50266. Please note Faith & Grace Garden in the memo line.

Here are harvest and donation results through October 14
Tim Goldman 515-745-9842 timothyjgoldman@gmail.com
Mark Marshall -988-5381 – 

Pounds Harvested:
Apples 130
Asparagus 75
Beets 90
Bush Beans 362
Blueberries 65
Cabbage 150
Cucumbers 82
Eggplant 290
Lettuce 572
Onions 483
Peas 260
Peppers 1,284
Radishes 116
Spinach 30
Sweet Potatoes 2,166
Tomatoes 5,774
Turnips 275
Watermelon 423
Zucchini 954
Total Harvested 14,771
Pounds Donated:
Catholic  Workers 245
Eat Greater DSM 580
DMARC 2,662
Johnston Food Pantry 507
Trinity Methodist 7,766
WDM Human Serv 3,016
Total Donated 14,776
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