Feb 292016

Faith & Grace Garden is on the grow…
come to the 2016 Garden Update on Sunday afternoon, March 13 in the Parish Hall at St. Timothy’s

While nothing is really growing in the Faith & Grace Garden yet, garden coordinator Mark Marshall now has 600 pepper plants growing in his basement. Next he will start tomatoes, then cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. Later he will start melons and squash.marks-peppers

2016 Garden Plan – The where, when and how of vegetable planting, weed control, etc.
Come learn about what we have planned for this growing season:

Food Practices and Climate Change – How what we eat and how we obtain our food affects climate change. Also, introducing regenerative agriculture to the Faith & Grace Garden.

Pollinator Program – We are partnering with Polk County Conservation on the program to introduce more pollinators to the garden and provide education

Volunteer opportunities – Garden fence, high tunnel renovation, blueberry bush planting, and more. The Faith and Grace Garden is a wonderful place to volunteer your time to help those in need within your community, meet wonderful people, and to learn about how to cultivate nourishing food and meaningful relationships with nature and humanity.

Leave the Door Open
We have to live as close as possible to all that leaves the door open to the ‘holy.’ … The problem is not to sink into apathy. The chores, the household tasks, do provide a kind of frame, but I get more and more impatient with bothering about things…. Gardening is altogether different. There the door is always open into the ‘holy’—growth, birth, death. Every flower holds the whole mystery in its short cycle, and in the garden we are never far away from death, the fertilizing, good, creative death.

May Sarton Source: Journal of a Solitude

The LEXICON OF FOOD is a richly visual site the digs deeply into topics like: food sovereignty, soil health, sustainable food production, seeds, appropriate technology, food justice, farmers, and so much more. Read and join.

United Way Grant – Approved!

Very pleased to see that the garden won a United Way grant again this year, and it was in the amount of $1,500 which is their maximum award.These funds will be used to purchase seed, plant starts, blueberry bushes, and supplies.

Regards, Tim – For More Information about the Faith & Grace Garden:
Tim Goldman 515-745-9842 – timothyjgoldman@gmail.com
Mark Marshall 515-998-5381 – wdmmarshall@msn.com

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