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2016 Faith & Grace Garden Spring Meeting

Sunday, March 13
Parish Hall, St. Timothy’s
1020 – 24th Street in WDM
(corner of 24th & Ashworth Rd)
2pm – 5pm followed by potluck supper
Note: Please reply to this message and let us know us know if you plan to attend to aid in our space planning.  No charge.

2pm Welcome
2:15 – 3:15 Food Practices and Climate Change Discussion
Sarah Paulos, Program Coordinator of Iowa Interfaith Power & Light will get us thinking about how our food practices affect climate change and then lead us in a discussion.
3:15 – 4:15 Faith & Grace Garden Planning Discussion
Share with us your thoughts and ideas. Some discussion points:
· Taking care of our soil to help reduce climate change.
· What we will grow and where we will donate.
· Major projects in the garden this year.
4:15 – 5pm Pollinator Program Discussion
This year we will be celebrating pollinators in the Faith & Grace Garden. Erika Schoenberg of the Polk County Conservation Commission will introduce the program and we will talk things we will be doing this year in the garden and at home to remedy the decline of pollinators.
5pm Potluck
Bring a dish to share and table service. Drinks will be provided.
A – I Salad
J – P Main Dish
Q – Z Dessert
News from our friends at The Lord’s Acre……

Good Reads:

Take a trip down into the microscopic world of fungi, bacteria, nematodes and more and to learn about the “soil food web”. If you like science, you will like this book. ISBN: 13:978-1-60469-113-9

Author Kristin Ohlson argues that we can not only heal the land but also turn atmospheric carbon into beneficial soil carbon―and potentially reverse global warming.: 978-1-60961-554-3

A Business Solution for Smallholder Farmers.

Smallholder farmers living in remote places need support in more than one area. We provide a complete set of services within walking distance of the farmers we serve. Our service bundle includes:

  1. Financing for farm inputs

  2. Distribution of seed and fertilizer

  3. Training on agricultural techniques

  4. Market facilitation to maximize profits from harvest sales

Farming is the dominant economic activity of the world’s poor.One Acre Fund makes that activity significantly more productive. We are growing as fast as possible to capture an incredible opportunity.

Plantable Coloring Book – Kathryn Curtis, a recently graduated masters student at the University of Michigan’s Ford School of Public Policy, is raising money to publish a plant-able coloring book in partnership with Brazilian artist, Rogério Fernandes. Coloring books now account for 17% of book sales in Brazil and the iconic

“Secret Garden,” which started the coloring book trend, has now sold over 1.4 million copies world-wide since it’s 2013 release. The goal of Ms. Curtis’ book is to offer suggestions for how individuals can make reasonable lifestyle changes to ensure water security. Even the pages of the book itself, made with biodegradable seed paper that readers can plant, will remind readers that everything is part of a cycle of life and death, including our possessions. Ms. Curtis has previously published a book on health and wellness called “ChooseYour Health

Regards, Tim – For More Information about the Faith & Grace Garden:
Tim Goldman 515-745-9842 –
Mark Marshall 515-998-5381 –

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