Mar 092016

2016 Faith & Grace Garden Spring Meeting ‘Indoor’ Meeting is cancelled –
It’s a Garden Work Day on Sunday, March 13 2pm – 5pm

Your responses to our “sit-down” planning meeting were overwhelming, “We want to work outdoors on Sunday.” So we will just have to talk while we work. So we will!… permitting bring garden gloves and wear clothes that can get dirty.

Here are some activities for Sunday:
Mulch the blueberry bushes
Build shelves in the high tunnel (help with an Eagle project)
Clean out fence rows, take down old fence
Plant peas and lettuce

A Garden Wish List – Urban Farmer with little income needs help

Small hand tools,any kind

  1. 6 foot or taller fence poles,

  2. any food grade bucket or pails;

  3. a small garden tractor in need of fixing up (we could use one with a front end loader),

  4. small generator,

  5. water pump,

  6. hand washing station,

  7. a 200 gallon and several 350 gallon plus water containers,

  8. fence panels,

  9. hoop house/ green house,

  10. heating pads for plant trays

Finally, if you know of anyone that has Boy Scout clothes that will fit a 10 year old, boy’s ball bat, glove, helmet, baseball cleats or anything needed for my son to play baseball this year, we sure would appreciate the help. I have a little money, but can’t afford any of that stuff brand new.

If you can help contact Tim Goldman 515-745-9842 –

News from our friends at The Lord’s Acre……

Round Up & Cancer: Aaron Blair Ph.D. chair of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Working Group, a branch of the World Health Organization announced its finding that one of the world’s most popular pesticides, glyphosate (Roundup), is a human cancer causing agent based on laboratory animal studies. Blair ran the National Cancer Institute’s Occupation Studies Branch and is the author of over 450 publications on occupational and environmental causes of cancer. He has received many awards, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director’s Award, the lead scientist at the World Health Organization. Article can be found here.

Grow Your Own Food! The African American Guide to Starting Your Very Own Organic Garden.  “Just in time for the spring season, a new publication has been released to help African American families start a home garden and grow their own food. It’s called Grow Your Own Food! The African American Guide to Starting Your Very Own Organic Garden. Info here. Available as an e-book exclusively here, the book teaches African American men, women, children how to grow their own organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices (like tumeric, ginger, and peppers)!”

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