Jul 312017

The Faith & Grace Garden – On the News!
If you missed the news last night – You can still view the segment online.  Thanks to the wonderful people at WHO 13 who helped us spread the good word about the Faith & Grace Garden!!

Metro Community Gardens Providing Fresh Food to Hungry Iowans

Come out this week and enjoy the mild weather while helping bring in the harvest!

Harvest Info (Lbs) As Of July 29

Bush Beans 80
Blue Berries 104
Cabbage 30
Cucumbers 20
Garlic 20
Kale 25
Onions 165
Peppers 25
Radishes 115
Potatoes 275
Tomatoes 502
Watermelon 50
Zucchini 100
Total Harvested 1511
Trinity Methodist 568
WDM Human Services 943

Total Donated 1511 lbs

Busy Purple Martins get all their food by eating flying insects. They  are an important means of pest control in the garden.

Is a Boy Scout that you know looking for an Eagle Project? We would greatly appreciate some more martin houses and bat houses around the garden. Please have interested Scouts contact Tim Goldman


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Tim Goldman 515-745-9842 – timothyjgoldman@gmail.com
Mark Marshall 515-998-5381 – wdmmarshall@msn.com


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